Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Send Your Letters of Sorrow and Woe

If you've read this "iNournal," you know that I'm a heart-broken Packers fan. I thought that I wrote out my sadness of the Favre farce, so I stopped. Plus, school started again and I just didn't have enough time to write about it the way I wanted to and still pay the bills. So, in an attempt to share in the sorrow and woe that is watching Brett Favre -- the NFL's poster-boy for system quarterbacks -- dominate The League at 40 years old, I am asking that you send me letters expressing how you feel about Brett Favre.

If he makes you sad, mad, or if he makes you want to puke, say so. Or if you want to share your greatest Favre memory (Favre, The Packer, that is), then do that. Whatever I get, I'll post on this blog. Write anonymously, or share your name; either way, it's group therapy and all of us heart-broken Packers fans can get through this together.

Send your letters to FavreHeartBreak@gmail.com. Tell your friends, too.

Thanks for reading, and good luck coping with the sorrow and woe that Favre is causing all Packers fans. May I suggest drinking it under the table while listening to some Hank Williams?

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