Saturday, August 22, 2009

Walking the Walk: 1 of 4 for 4 Yards and No Fumbles

Ever since talk of his 12th unretirement began several months ago, NFL fans have been told how Minnesota was a perfect fit for Favre because he knows the offense; he "knows the verbiage." Favre can talk that West Coast Offense talk. Well, what about "walking the walk?" Apparently this isn't important to Vikings fans who've been told by the Vikings' marketing heads that they are ready "4" some football, even though their team's QB clearly isn't. That much was made clear by the bar Favre placed conveniently at ground level before the game:
"I just didn't want to fumble the snap," Favre said. "Wanted to make sure I got the handoffs. If you complete passes, great. But I was nervous about that."

Ten million dollars seems like a lot to pay for a quarterback who worries about whether he can successfully take a snap. I wonder if Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels and J.D. Booty were as impressed as Vikings fans with Favre's ability to take a snap and hand off the football without fumbling. Surely that was the inspiration behind Tavaris Jackson's more-Favrey-than-Favre performance.

(The Passing section of Friday's Vikings/Chiefs box score)

But hey, no one went to the Metrodumb last night to watch Favre hand off the ball. No, people went there to see Favre toss stumbling, no-look shovel passes and heave 50-yard bombs from his back foot. (Vikings fans are the only people who are still impressed by that sort of thing.) And Favre didn't disappoint.

(Brett Favre heaves a pass from his back foot while being tackled.)

Unless of course Vikings fans were actually expecting him to complete those passes. Or more than one of them, anyway.

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